15 Amazing Canmore Neighbourhoods

Canmore can be divided into 15 neighbourhoods, each with its own unique homes, sand access to recreation. Each one has different schools, parks, zoning and shopping opportunities.

All of these areas have full- and part-time residents and some have legal suites for extra income. Map at bottom.

Spring Creek

1. Lions Park

Close to downtown, Lions Park is located on the west side of Main Street and is a well-established neighbourhood. Walking distance to shops, grocery stores, restaurants, the Bow River and many trails.
Homes: Mostly single family homes as old as 60 years.

2. South Canmore

Close to downtown, South Canmore is located on the east side of Main Street. You can quickly walk to grocery stores, restaurants, shops, parks, the Bow River and more. Elevation Place is nearby and offers rock climbing, swimming and a library.
Homes: Zones for single family, R2 or duplex lot and R4 or fourplex lot. There are large modern homes, duplexes and 100-year-old cabins.

3. Larches

Farther west than Lions Park but still close to downtown. One of the most mature neighbourhoods in town with a number of well-spaced cul-de-sacs that weave into the wooded area near Larch Island and the Canmore Golf & Curling Club near the Bow River. There are trails, parks and it’s only 10 minutes to downtown.
Homes: Most single family dating back to the early 1970s.

4. TeePee Town

A neighbourhood with a lot of history that is currently going through a redevelopment of sorts. The lots with single family homes on R2 and R4 zoned lots are slowing being replaced with luxurious duplexes and fourplexes. It’s close to restaurants along Bow Valley Trail, the Canmore Hospital and excellent cafes.
Homes: Single family homes date back to the 1940s and new construction is ongoing.

5. Town Centre

The most central area in Canmore and always an attraction to locals and weekenders. Thanks to the underground parking, if you don’t need to leave town you can walk everywhere with ease.
Home: Apartment-style homes, condos and the random single family house.

Town Centre

6. Spring Creek Mountain Village

This area northeast of South Canmore runs along Policman Creek and Spring Creek. This area was once a trailer park until developer Frank Kernick purchased it for redevelopment. In a decade, there will be hotels, convention centres and more.
Homes: Currently there are townhomes and apartment-style condos.

7. Cougar Creek and Riverstone

A family-oriented neighbourhood on the north side of the valley that is known for getting lots of sun during the winter. There are trails, small shops, a school, trails up mountains, cafes and more. It can be divided into smaller zones, but it all feels like one connected place.
Homes: Single family homes from the early 1980s and some apartment-style condos.

8. Silvertip

One of the most rustic areas to live in Canmore with luxurious homes, a golf course, a five-star restaurant, trails and more. Development started in the mid-1990s and continues today. There are still empty lots available. The views of the valley are hard to beat.
Homes Townhomes, duplexes and big single family homes.


9. Eagle Terrace

Between Cougar Creek and Silver Tip at the foot of Mount Lady Macdonald, Eagle Terrace sits high above town and is connected by a series of winding road. Great bike and running trails and minutes from rock climbing. The area is sometimes grouped in with Cougar Creek.
Homes: Development began in the mid-1990s and is mostly large single family homes and townhomes.

10. Prospect

The first development on the south side of the Bow River, the homes are some of the biggest in town. The views along the water and up the valley are stunning. Trails connect you to close-by neighbourhoods and downtown is minutes away.
Homes: Single family homes.

11. Carey / Homesteads

Carey is a one of the most aesthetic neighbourhoods in the valley with its large lots and lush landscaping. Surrounded by forest, there are trails and wide roads. Close to the river and the homes become more private.
Homes: Single family homes and half-duplexes.

12. Peaks of Grassi

One of the better family zones in town, it was built in the 1990s with community living in mind. A good neighbourhood for first-time home buyers. Forests rise above it on the south side to the base of the Ehagy Nakoda range and the fun-to-hike Ha Ling. Down the road is Quarry Lake, great for swimming and fishing.
Homes Single family homes.

Peaks of Grassi

13. Quarry Pines

West of Peaks of Grassi is the amazing Quarry Pines with larger homes but in the same choice location. The neighbourhood has less people, which means more space. There are trails close by, lots of bush to explore and Quarry lake is nearby. A great area for those who enjoy a sense of the mountain.
Homes: Large single family homes.

14. Rundleview

One of the most southwest neighbourhoods, Rundleview is found above town and on the way to the Nordic Centre and Spray Lakes Road. You can walk downtown via one of the nice trails, cross over to Quarry Lake or stroll the often-quiet roads. Many locals have never even visited the secluded area. Lots of green space and nature to enjoy.
Homes: Development started in the 1970s, there are now single family homes and five townhouse condo projects.

15.Three Sisters Resort

One of the most sought after areas in the Bow Valley and a well-known neighbourhood to many in Canmore, despite being a few kilometres from the town centre. There’s a decade worth of development that is ongoing around the Stewart Creek Golf Course, a Catholic School and a Francophone School. There are countless trails, access to the Three Sisters mountains, playground, quick access to the highway, shops, a café and more.
Homes: Apartment-style condos up to four bedrooms, condo complexes, townhomes and large single family homes.